Mud Body Peeling Soap - The Dead Sea Source

Mud Body Peeling Soap

For Anti-Aging & Anti Cellulite

This Mud soap with pomegranate granules stimulates skin circulation and leaves skin looking fresh and radiant. Its special composition facilitates a gentle deep cleansing of the skin and improves oxidation of the skin cells.
This soap contains a high concentration of the following active minerals from the Dead Sea:

 Sodium (Na) – improves cellular metabolism and maintains the fluid balance between the cells and their surroundings.

  Iodine (I) – an essential element that stimulates metabolic processes in the skin that helps renew and regenerate cells throughout the body.

Zinc (Zn) – rejuvenates dead cells, helps fight free radicals and helps regenerate collagen.

  Manganese (Mn) – has antioxidant properties that stimulate the micro circulation of the skin (anti-aging skin care), which improves the condition of the skin’s connective tissues.

Enriched with a complex of oils and herbal extracts from desert plants such as desert thyme, prickly pear seed oil, desert sage and more …to increase moisture levels and soothe the skin.

Instructions: Rinse your body with warm water, apply the soap in gentle circular motions, and rinse again. Use daily.


Manufacturer: Made In Israel Paloma Dead Sea, LTD. Health & Beauty From The Dead Sea